Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beckett is ALREADY 4 weeks old!!

Tomorrow Beckett turns 4-WEEKS, and time continues to fly by. He has given me one smile, and is awake a lot more lately. He holds his head up so well, and we continue to get comments that he seems big/old for his age. We went to church for the first time yesterday. Andrew had to speak. They didn't make me speak, because of "the baby", but I think it was just as bad being on the bench with 3 kids. :) They actually did good, and so did Andrew. I love my husband so much, and appreciate even more, now that we have 3 kids, all the little things he does to help out. The major difference I notice with 3 kids, is that our morning routine takes a lot longer. To get me showered, the boys dressed/fed, the baby dressed/fed, takes until Andrew comes home for lunch around 11:30. Our house is cluttered, and I have about 6 loads of laundry to finish up. I did manage to run the dishwasher this morning! Aren't I amazing? Not! I 'm sure things will get easier (at least I hope!), but other people with 3 kids manage to get out of the house before noon. :) I am surprised I am not overly tired. Beckett is a good sleeper, and just wakes up a few times to eat, but goes right back to sleep. Cooper did say he wants to "go somewhere again" today. Maybe we'll get brave in a few days. :)
I don't think the boys have gotten any worse since the baby. They continue to be crazy boys, who love to "pretend fight" until someone gets hurt. They are both cute with Beckett. Cooper has turned the corner a few times CARRYING him though...and I'm not sure how to react. Does anyone else let their 4-year-old carry the baby? I just tell him we need to sit down when we hold the baby.
It has gotten really warm here. Low 90s, and the humidity is killer. I don't feel like we ever really had a Spring. We went to the POOL a few nights ago, and again tonight. One bummer about having a baby in warm weather is waiting the 5 or 6 weeks to swim again. Cooper was really excited, because they let him go down the slide with Andrew (and he is too short according to the rules).

Last Friday the medical corp had their annual PICNIC. Although it was really hot, it was fun to take Beckett to meet all of Andrew's co-workers. It was fun to watch Cooper make it to the top of the climbing wall too. He won a stuffed animal at the bean-bag toss, but didn't want it. It was pretty funny to see him pick a tiny toy over a stuffed animal. Andrew was proud of him. :)

Last Saturday we ventured back downtown with Andrew's parents so his Mom could go up THE ARCH with Cooper. It was Beckett's first visit to the Gateway Arch. Then we went to UNION STATION for lunch, our favorite fudge, to feed the fish, and to watch Cooper jump on the bungie trampoline. It was his 3rd time doing it, and he was brave enough to do a BACK-FLIP! We were so excited for him, and everyone in the mall watching, and up on the balcony, were cheering for him. He did it a few more times, but didn't want to do it again once I got the camera out. I guess 3rd time was a charm.

So I lied about not going to another BASEBALL GAME for awhile...we hit another game last Monday against the Pirates. Andrew's parents were still in town to help us though. It actually was a fun game, and having bleacher seats near the playland made it easier. Jason Bay hit the go-ahead run, and the Pirates won 5-4. Gunner and Beckett wore Cardinals gear, and Andrew and Cooper wore Pirates. Cooper had told everyone around us that Jason Bay was his favorite player, so it was pretty funny when he hit that RBI.

Andrew's parents left Tuesday. It was really sad to see them go, especially for the boys. They loved having visitors here for 4 weeks! We have almost survived a full week on our own now.

We did the "summer buzz" haircut this week. Cooper was a little unsure, so I showed him the picture when we did it last year, and it was June 7th. I guess it is about the same time of year that I can't tolerate sweat heads anymore, and I feel sorry for the boys. They both take after their dad, and sweat a ton! For about the first week after the buzz, I feel like I have chemo patient children, but then I get used to it.

This Friday we had TWO TORNADO WARNINGS in one day. The first one, the kids had been asleep for nap for about 10 minutes, and I had to wake them up and drag them to shelter. I almost went crazy with 3 kids in shelter, and wasn't near well enough prepared with things for them to do. The second one, Andrew was home, and being in a confined space seemed more tolerable. It was crazy to look at the weather channel and see the biggest part of the storm right over the town outside the base (Belleville). I wasn't as scared this time, but my heart still was pounding, and my mind running.

This Saturday we went to KUNG FU PANDA. We all really liked it, and it was better than I thought it would be. The only bad part is, in addition to "boxing" and "fight" and "light-sabers", the boys now like to play "Kung Fu". Cooper is the "King Fu Master" case you were wondering who the real one is. :)

I know the rest of these pictures are overdue and out-dated, but here are some of the pictures I took of Beckett when he was 6-DAYS OLD.