Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First few weeks of life...

6 days old

Beckett is 2 1/2 weeks old now, and the time has flown by. He is such a good baby, and for some reason we feel like he's been part of our family longer than he has. We had such an instant love for him, and Andrew even commented that he feels like he's known him longer than a few weeks. We've had a few people comment that he looks older, and bigger, than he is. Today at his 2-week apt. he weighed 9lbs. 6oz. They said they only expect them to be back to their birth weight by now (his was 8lbs.).

Here are some pictures of his first bath.


As I mentioned before, my mom was able to stay an extra week, which was SO great! Andrew only got 2 days off of his residency, and had to come bring me home from the hospital on his lunch break the 3rd day. It was SO nice to have the extra help. 

While she was still here, we took Beckett's first outing (4 days old) to Cracker Barrell for lunch. Cooper LOVES it because they have his favorite...eggs. He ate his 3 eggs, Andrew's 2 eggs, and Gunner's 1 egg...5 total eggs. Beckett was a gem.

We also went to Long Acre Park to try and get a few family shots... here are a few. I don't recommend getting pictures taken less than a week from when you have a baby. :) But, we had to take advantage of having someone behind the camera. It was a little windy for Beckett too. 

I also did his "First Photo Shoot" at 6 days old. I'll post a few of our favorites in the next post.

To us, he looks older than he is. He already holds his head up so well too!
He likes to sleep with his little arms up by his head, just like his dad. 

After doing all of the laundry, and cleaning the whole house, and making sure we had a few quick meals...my mom left. It was sad to see her go! Thanks so much for everything Mom!!! That afternoon Cooper said, "You were right Mom, I do already miss Nana."


One nice thing about a baby coming, is we get lots of visitors! Andrew's parents and his mom's sisters flew in Tuesday. We spent the first few days eating out, making strawberry jam, and hanging out.


We left Friday morning to Nauvoo. We stopped in Hannibal (Mark Twain's hometown). The boys loved throwing rocks in the Mississippi River, and the Yard of bubblegum from the candy store were the highlights. 

We stayed at the Nauvoo Family Suites and the boys swam twice a day. Beckett slept the whole way there and back. He spent most of the touring time in the bjorn carrier, and was such a trooper! I felt better by then, so we did a few of the "fun" tours, oxen and carriage rides, threw rocks in the Mississippi a few more times, went to a few shows, and had a lot of fun. Andrew's parents and Aunts and Uncles did more of the tours, but we have been there a couple times, so we weren't sad to miss a few. Andrew also joined them for a session at the Nauvoo Temple. Last time we were there, I was pregnant with Cooper and we were the witness couple. Time flies! 

We stopped at Carthage on the way home.

I am so thankful to the early saints of the church, and their continual sacrifices! It was really neat to have Cooper understand more about the jail and Joseph Smith being killed, and the temple being burned down. He was really soaking a lot in this time. I LOVE church history, and feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life today, because of their sacrifices. I was especially touched by all the young babies who died shortly after birth, and the mothers who died so often during childbirth. It made me look at each of my children with such greater gratitude. 


The weather was gorgeous, so we took a trip to Grant's Farm. The have a fun tram ride tour of animals, a few shows, feeding the goats and camels, and the Budwieser horses. It was really neat to see this elephant take a bath! 

We went and saw the Cardinals beat the Houston Astros. It was beautiful weather, and a perfect day for baseball. It was Beckett's 1st game (and Cooper's 59th!). I have a feeling it will take Beckett a lot longer to see that many games...since baseball games are more complicated with 3 kids. :) The boys actually did really well, but it may not be as easy without Grandpa and Grandma and Nadene and Glead. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

{B E C K E T T' S B I R T H}

5.13.08   6:41 pm
8 lbs.   20 inches

Thought we would add some more pictures of our new little Beckett. He is such a cutie, and we feel so lucky to have him in our home. 

Here he is this morning...3 days old. He has had a few episodes of awake time today. We also went outside to the park and enjoyed the good weather and sunshine for a few minutes. He was awake often to eat last night, but my milk came in today (ouch!), so hopefully he'll sleep better tonight. Cooper and Gunner's eyes were more brown at birth...and both have stayed brown. We wonder if Beckett's grey might turn blue?
The boys have done surprisingly well. Probably party because they had a visit from their Uncle Dan and cousin Riley. They were able to go downtown and to a Cardinals game Wednesday night. Riley and Gunner both got balls during batting practice, and it was autograph night. Cooper was excited because they played the Pirates, his favorite team.

Cooper calls Beckett a "cute little bug". We think it is cute he came up with it on his own. Gunner makes sure we know every time he is "cying". Cooper starts to grit his teeth and shake his head and says, "I just want to squeeze him so hard because I love him so much!" Good thing he is smart enough not to! :) We see similarities in looks of all 3 boys.
Gunner also POOPED ON THE POTTY today for the first time! He seems so much older and bigger with Beckett around...maybe he thinks he is too! :)

Nana extended her stay a week (thank goodness!!!), and is hear until Tuesday. She has gotten a lot of training on the Wii from Cooper, and I think he has her convinced to buy one for her house for the grandkids. She has also been our chef and quite the entertainer for the boys. They love having her here, and so do I. It was extra special to have her at Beckett's birth, because we haven't had any family at our previous births. 

He kind of has "man hair", thin in front and on top, longer and thicker in back. He has some dark hair on his shoulders and back too.
Cooper is ready to train Beckett on the Wii too. :)
Thanks to all those who have shown their love, support, and congratulations! We are so blessed that everything turned out good, and mom and baby are healthy. If you want "details", like I usually do, you can read below. I need to get it written for journaling purposes too, so feel free to skip it. :)

{STORY OF YOUR BIRTH} to be added soon.....

Mother's Day 2008

Yes, Mother's Day this year I was 4 days overdue. I debated going to church, but wanted to see Cooper sing in Sacrament Meeting...and figured I better keep the commandments, so I could maybe get the blessing of getting this baby out!! Despite all the "your STILL here" comments, it was a good sabbath day.

It was especially fun to have my mom here with us. I don't think I've spent Mother's Day with her in 8 years. We had a yummy ham dinner.

The boys got me Guitar Hero for the Wii. I think my mom thought it was a joke, but I actually was really excited. I like it a lot, and it is something we can play together as a family. Cooper has almost mastered the "training...slowest" method. He has a lot of fun watching us play too.

One highlight of the day was being able to talk to my brother Spike, who is serving his mission in Brazil. We had quite the set-up of cell phones, ichat, and speakers so everyone in Coeur d'Alene, St. Louis, Utah, and Portland could hear him AND talk to him. It was really fun, and rather emotional. He sounds like he is really growing up, and is doing some amazing things.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and grandmothers to love and look up to. I only hope I can be the kind of mother's they have been to my boys. I love my boys so much, and feel honored to be their mother!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome Beckett Leo Larson

Our little Beckett was born today 13 May 2008 at 18:41. He was 8lbs 0oz, and 20 in. He's a keeper. We had a lot of good help from our Nana (Cassie's mom), our friend Karen, thanks for the great pictures, and Dan and Riley (brother-in-law and nephew), and Bree for watching the kids. Thanks to everyone. Enjoy the pics, we do.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 days overdue...

Yes, still pregnant. Ate some Mexican food last night. The weather is beautiful today (71 and party cloudy), so we went to the zoo to try and walk this baby out of me! 

Early this morning, Gunner woke up crying. I went in his room and he was crying, "My baby come out?!" Sorry to disappoint you Gunner!

Friday, May 9, 2008

2 days over...

Still no baby...

Yesterday during nap-time, my mom stayed home with the boys, and I went and got a pedicure, to the store for more heartburn medicine, picked up the dry cleaning, and went to the post office....all in 90 minutes! It is so much easier to be efficient without kiddos in tow! :)

Last night we got dessert at McDonalds and let the kids play, and rented "I Am Legend". I guess if I'm not going to have a baby, I can keep getting up-t0-date on some movies. I love the Redbox at McDonalds! $1 a night! 

It has been so rainy...so I haven't been able to be out walking much. I have a lot of contractions, but nothing regular, or that stick around for very long. Bummer!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

O V E R D U E !!!

Well, it's official. No baby yet, and we are one day overdue...still nothing happening. I've started to feel like it may never happen. :)

I had to remove the countdown "widget" on the right of my page, because today it started counting up, and said I had one day left, when really it should say -1 day. :) 

I went to the doctor on Monday. I was still 2 cm, 80% effaced, and "soft". The head has been "engaged" now for over 3 weeks. She set up my induction for Tuesday, May 13th at 7am (6 days overdue). I actually had to fight to get it Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, because Wednesday our brother-in-law, Dan, and nephew, Riley, are flying in to go to the Cardinals game with the boys. They gave me gruff about "only" being 40 weeks and 6 days, and not a full week overdue. Well, too bad! :)

My mom got here Tuesday to help out with the baby that still isn't here. :) It's been fun talking, we watched "P.S. I Love You" during naptime yesterday, and went to the America's Incredible Pizza Co. last night for pizza. It was "Wacky Wednesday" so the boys did mini-bowing, go-karts, golf and arcade games unlimited for 90 minutes for $11.99. So fun! Today we might go get pedicures. She is scheduled to fly out the day I would be induced, but we might convince her to stay longer. :)

Sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted to see baby pictures by now. :) Hopefully sooner rather than later! 

Monday, May 5, 2008

No baby yet...

I am doing my best to not go crazy! :) I don't know why I assumed this baby would come a week early like the others. But, here I sit, 2 days until my due-date. :) I almost went to the hospital Friday night when the contractions kept me up off and on until about 4am...but then they stopped. Saturday and Sunday I hardly felt the baby move, so we went to the hospital after sacrament (leaving the boys at church), and found out he is doing fine! We were relieved! At the hospital I was "soft", 80% effaced, and 2cm dilated. Basically the same as I have been for about 3 weeks now. I am even lower too. I really think it all means about nothing, since I was "high, tight, and dilated to a finger tip" 2 days before I went into labor with Gunner. I really wanted them to keep me, since my doctor was the resident on OB for 24 hours until 7am this morning. But, no, they won't "induce" me until I am 4 cm or a week overdue. I was pretty frustrated Thursday, but have been doing my best to stay busy and be optimistic. :) I have also come down with a terrible chest cold...perfect timing! Andrew gave me a blessing Saturday night. I've felt better about everything since. My mom gets here tomorrow (I thought I'd be home from the hospital by the time she got here :) ). So, for those who care, Andrew has been trying to do "his job" as the nurse put it. I have also been taking Black Cohosh root, an enema, lots of walking, and bought castro oil....still trying to build up the courage to take it. :) I know, probably a little too much info, but WHAT ELSE CAN I DO????

In the meantime...we enjoyed the weekend. The weather has been fantastic. Today it is sunny and 76. Saturday, we went to fly a kite. Cooper had so much fun...Gunner got back in the car because the wind was bugging him. We also ate at Jimmy Johns (or Jimmy Don's as Cooper puts it). I really need to go grocery shopping today since we are out of milk and eggs....I didn't plan food for this far in advance! :)

We also had a fun night bowling with our friends, the Whittles, last week. They are getting stationed in North Dakota May 16th. They will be watching our kids while, or if, we ever have our baby. :) Cooper and Gunner both LOVE Emma!

Wish I could be as easily entertained as Gunner is sometimes. :)