Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates - I love post-dating

So I know it's been a while since we've updated things. I am working on getting up-to-date, and have done some post-dated posts to fill in some blanks. If you're bored, you can find new posts called:

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Friday, August 14, 2009

I DO love you!

Back in February, for Valentine's Day, I responded on a blog post of one of my dear friends, Sarah Blamires. She is an AMAZING mom of 5 kids under the age of 7, who makes it look EASY! She was promising a homemade gift to the first 5 people who commented on the post, and I was lucky enough to receive this ADORABLE, useful, recipe holder. Thank you SO much Sarah!
As sort of a "pay-it-forward", I offered to do the same for 5 of my friends... as well as to answer one question they have for me.

Unable to come up with anything creative on my own, I resorted to something I AM really good at... copying! When Gunner was an infant, and severely allergic to milk, I went on a milk-free diet for 9 MONTHS, so that I could continue breast-feeding. It was not easy, especially in the beginning. My sweet friend, Adrienne Lee, made me this cute little life-saver of a recipe book for my birthday. It came in handy many times! I still use a lot of the recipes!

So, my copying skills at their best, I came up with "7 Larson Favorite Meals... To Get You Through the Week". I did promise these by the end of March, although I didn't get them mailed until later... and now, I am FINALLY getting around to posting about it, and answering your questions. Better late than never, right?!
The questions, with answers:

(Tom Gatten) Didn't ask a question... except for "is this for real?" My answer was, yes. :) I just love that Tom is always on top of checking blogs, and keeping in touch. He is my oldest brother (I have six... and two sisters). He is an amazing vice-principal/athletic director at Brighton High School in Utah, a loving husband and father to 5 adorable kiddos, a marathon runner, dead-eye hunter, x-BYU baseball pitcher, and a caring Bishop. So lucky to have him to look up to... and for my boys to look up to as well!

(TiAnn Finn) What program do you use to create the adorable collages of your adorable children? Is it easy to do? I love them, it's very creative, and makes your blog look extra nice! I use Photoshop to edit all my pictures, and make the collages. Photoshop is expensive, for the full version, but you can get great student discounts if you know any students. Or, you can get Photoshop Elements, which has all the basic features you would need. I think it runs around $90, but Costco periodically does a $20 off coupon. Basically, you create a "canvas", crop your pictures, and put them on the canvas. It is very easy. I like that I can fit more pictures in a post, without making the entry a mile long. Thanks for the compliments, TiAnn, and if you ever get the program, or need help learning how to make the collages, just let me know!

(Mikin Morton) Cassie, what do I want to know about you?? I want to know what you do to relax when you get the chance? Do mom's ever get a chance to relax?! I actually love editing pictures during my down time, either ones of my family, or ones I've taken for others. I love to read photography blogs, couponing blogs, parenting blogs, etc. I also like to do my own blog, read others, facebook, write lists (yes, I'm just like Dad!). It is VERY hard for me to not do anything, but I will watch my favorite TV shows (a lot of times with the computer on my lap), or nap. LOVE my girls nights out too. Can't wait to live closer to you, sis, and hang out with you more often! :)

(Amber Harris) I want to know how you find the time to do everything you do? Your boys always look adorable, you seem extra organized and your blog is always so fun to read. As you can tell, summer has significantly decreased my blogging. :) I am a "go-er". But, not sure I would call myself overly organized. Maybe organized chaos. There are definitely things I wish were more organized... like my desk, my craft area, etc. But you are sweet to "think" I'm organized. :) But, I am a "lister", always have things to check off my list, and organization is always my goal. Sometimes, I wish I could slow myself down... because I have created "go-ers" of my kids too, who always think they have to be doing something. Thanks for the compliment on my kids too... yours always look adorable too!

(Kendra Wirig) If you were to have a girl someday in the future, what would you name her (sticking with your theme)? Oh, Kendra. As your mom of 4 boys yourself, it's nice to see you have hope that there would be a girl in my future. :) Although, I do think we'll try to get one at least one more time. :) Not sure everyone knows we have a "theme" for our names. So, an explanation...We have stuck to a baseball theme thus far (Cooper after Cooperstown, NY where the Baseball Hall of Fame is; A Gunner is a player with a good arm, or go-getter in baseball, and my oldest brother, Tom, the baseball pitcher's nickname was Gunner; Beckett from "Beckett Baseball Monthly"... the magazine that puts a value on baseball cards). I am definitely not obsessed with sticking to the theme in the future, but it just seems like it's worked out that we've liked those names. If we are lucky enough to get another baby... and it were another boy... we like Easton, Wrigley, Parker, Cutter, Mitt. Girl? Jersey (like a baseball jersey), or Summer (the season when MLB baseball is played). But, there are still plenty of other girl names I like outside of the theme. :)