Saturday, September 27, 2008


We hit our first (and the last) Royals game of the season. It was a lot of fun, the boys did great, and it wet our appetite for next season!

Cooper did his best to get a ball, but had a hard time accepting the fact that you don't get a ball every game! This was the 14th MLB stadium he has been to, and I think his 63rd MLB game? I'll have to double check that when our other computer is running again.

Gunner's favorite part was the cheering. 
There were 3 homeruns that night, and the Royals won!

Isn't he just the cutest baseball baby you have ever seen!
"Looks up to" his Daddy!

The stadium is under renovation, but it is a pretty neat stadium. We loved the big display screen, and the fountains in the outfield. It is the first field we have been to with fountains. Even though the Royals are far from a great team in baseball... and most people in Kansas City actually seem to be bigger St. Louis Cardinals fans... we are a "home-town team" kind of family, and we are excited to cheer on the "boys in blue"... and have an excuse to get new hats! :)

Beckett... a.k.a. "lover of thumb"

It is true. We finally had a baby who loves a binky...

and his THUMB!

Of course, with a husband who is a dentist, we are concerned with ortho. But, it is just too cute that he will use his thumb, if his binky isn't available, and put himself to sleep.
He must have a little Aunt Mikin in him! :)

Cowboy Cooper...

... and his horse, "KiKi". Yes, they each made their own stick-horses out of PVC pipe and lunch sacks, and got to name their horses.

Cooper is loving preschool. His teacher, Lesa, is amazing, and we are continually impressed at the things he brings home. A few weeks ago, they learned about Cowboys. They made horses out of rectangles and yarn, made "trail-mix" by counting different foods into a bag they had decorated, paint-stamped handkerchiefs, and prepared for their RODEO!

Yes, parents were invited, the kids got dressed up, and it was a YEE-HAW good time! :) Daddy even got to come during his lunch hour.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance, they did their parade, each cowboy(girl) was introduced with their horse, they showed off their galloping, trick-rode through a ring, and got to show off their very own "trick". Cooper's trick.... riding his horse while hopping on one foot. It was unique, exciting, and actually quite impressive! :) 
They finished off with the song "I'm a Little Cowboy" (to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"), and did their final ride and wave of their hats
Cooper loves his friends at preschool.
Cooper and Drew (my friend with the airplane backpack)

The next FOUR kids also go to church with us...
Blake, and his Dad, Brad Cochran

Brian Young

Cambree Peterson

Zander Bell

Jaime Bell and her sweet little girl, Emberlyn

Friday, September 19, 2008

BeCkEtT {4 mOnTHs}

Yes... it is true... he is ALREADY 4 months old! 

Weighed in at 15 pounds 14 ounces.
  • Started the month out with your grandparents and cousins in Coeur d'Alene/Spokane.
  • Went to the NORTH IDAHO FAIR for your first time, where the Lee family runs the ELEPHANT EAR BOOTH. Proceeds will one day pay for your mission!
  • MOVED into our new house here at WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE near Kansas City. 
  • One thing we have discovered here -- you have ALLERGIES like your Dad. Hay fever has gotten you a little congested and coughing, especially at night, so we are giving you Benadryl.
  • Despite your allergies, you are still such a HAPPY BABY! You rarely cry, and have such a happy, smiley personality.
  • You GIGGLE all the time. Especially when mom tickles you. Your new fun thing this month is to "Jump! Shake your booty!".
  • Still SLEEPING in our room. Wake up 1-2 times a night for a brief snack. Starting to settle into more of a 2-3 NAP routine, rather than catnapping throughout the day.
  • Started PLAYING WITH YOUR FEET. Love to grab both of them and "tip" over.
  • PINWHEELING - what I call it when you roll on your side and then back over and over spinning yourself like a clock on the floor. You can actually end up fairly far across a room... or on opposite ends of your crib.
  • ROLL OVER - both back to front... then front to back... in the same day.
  • Regretfully, you have become a THUMB SUCKER. Although it does save us if we forget a binky.
  • Love your JUMP-A-ROO. It took you a few minutes to figure it out, but you get your rhythm going, and you love being up and looking around.

  • Continue to love your HORSEY on your car-seat. 
  • You SLOBBER a lot, spit up at least a little bit each feeding, love to bite my fingers... hard, and are a great burper.
  • Love to hold, grab, and chew little TOYS. Your favorite are the ones that squeak.
  • Get lots of hugs from your BROTHERS. 
  • Mom loves to chant, "Beckett Le-o, don't you know I love you so."
  • Only new nick-name this month is Marvin... when I know your hungry, or it's time to eat. (Short for Starvin' Marvin). 
  • Love the SWINGS at the park. We also put your whole carrier on the wagon to the park, and on the merry-go-round.
  • Didn't put sun-screen on your head one day. It was seriously only about 70 degrees... but the top of your little head got so SUNBURNT. I felt like SUCH a bad mom, and had to explain myself to everyone I saw the next few days. 
  • PUSHING UP on your hands when you're on your tummy.
I actually had a girl (Jaime Bell) say to me, "I didn't even know you had a baby for a few weeks after I met you. I know you must have carried him in and out of preschool, and had him on your arm during conversations, but he is seriously such a good baby I never even noticed him." We just feel bad sometimes when we forget to pay attention to you too, because you are always so content. We get the biggest grins when we change your diaper... like "FINALLY you are paying attention to me!" :) We are so blessed to have your sweet little spirit in our home, and you make us all smile. We want you to stay our chubby, squeezable, fun little baby forever! But you'll just keep growing... we can count on it. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving on...

Just an update... posting will get more regular again once we get the INTERNET! Aghh! I can't believe how lost we feel without it. Andrew got Dish Network today... which he is way excited about. We went to some new friends' house to watch the first BYU football game... but too long without college football is just that... TOO LONG. :) 

So here is our new "Home Sweet Home". A 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom "rancher", built in the 40's, getting demolished as soon as we move out in 2 years. :) We looked at a lot of homes "off-base", and ultimately decided we wanted to live on-base again. We love the safe "gun-gaurded" neighborhoods, free utilities, the school is great, Andrew can be to work in no time... and home for lunch everyday, closer to the cheaper, tax-free shopping, which would be less tempting to utilize if we lived too far away. Lots of great playgrounds. The boys LOVE watching the B2 Stealth Bomber, and fighter jets... 5 low-flying helicopters today at the park. The house was actually very clean, plenty roomy, and we have a full, unfinished basement (which is heaven for the boys), new stove/oven, a dishwasher, fenced backyard... all the necessities. :) It will be perfect for the next 2 years. We have lots of great, friendly neighbors, and love our ward. Our Bishop actually served his mission in Spokane (Andrew's hometown), went to the same dental school we did, did an AEGD in Dayton, and his 2 years "payback" here at Whiteman Air Force Base, and then got out of the Air Force and set up a practice here. There are a few other dentists in the ward too, 32 kids in nursery, and 4 kids from Cooper's preschool in our ward. We have felt very accepted. We watched the BYU game last week at the Cochrans, and went to a Labor Day breakfast at a dentists house on 40 acres with animals and a pond. The only negatives... the allergies are horrible for Dad, Cooper, and Beckett, the closest Costco and Target (or pretty much any shopping/restaurants) are 45 minutes away, there are a ton of crazy bugs (you couldn't live here Lindsey! :) ), and we still love and miss all of you!!!

Have continued our church history trek, and now live right by Independence, Liberty Jail, Adam-on-dioman (sp?), Far West, etc. 

For all of you who didn't get an email from me with our new contact information... you can email me for it at Our cell numbers will stay the same.