Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Boy #3!!!!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and found out that we are expecting baby BOY #3. He is completely healthy...which was a big relief for me, because I still haven't felt him move! I had some wierd dreams...but now I know he is fine! My placenta is on the outside this the doctor said I probably won't feel him move for a while.

On the way into the ultrasound I asked Cooper if he thought it would be a boy or girl, and he said, "Its a boy!". I said, "I think so you want to bet your Dad (who thought it was a girl)". When they came into the ultrasound and the guy told him, "'s a BOY!", Cooper said, "I just...I knew it!" It was really cute. I asked him later if he was sad he wasn't getting a baby sister, and he said, "No....don't worry can have a girl someday." It was cute. So Cooper is REALLY excited to have another baby brother.

Andrew said it was a "win-win" situation for him. He asked if I wanted to get pizza to celebrate, and I said, "sure, but you know we would be getting P.F.Chang if it was a girl, right?" He said, "Well good, cause we can't afford P.F. Chang!" And I said, "Probably good, because we can't really afford a girl right not either." :) It was funny. I know I would have gone crazy it probably is a good thing during residency to have another boy.

When I told Andrew, "You know this means we're for sure having 4 kids right?!", he said, "I can't handle FOUR boys!" :)

Names right now: Easton, Beckett, Parker...but Andrew just informed me he hasn't ruled out all others who knows!

Over the past few days I have thought about all the amazing women I know who have 3 or more boys in a row, and have made it look easy! Just to name a mom, Aunt Paula, Luke and Janna, Brent and Jen, the Jones', the Wiers, the Landreth's, the Naylors, the Gees, the Wirigs...I hope I can just be half the mom most of these wonderful women are! It will be fun!

As he did the ultrasound I just had that overwhelming love for him come over me. It was SO fun! I am so excited to have another spirit from our Heavenly Father in our home!

Here are a few more pictures. The first is a feet picture. You can see the bottom of one foot, and the profile of the other.

Here is a profile picture with his hand in his mouth

Here's another profile

Finally, here is a 3D picture of the tummy and feet crossed at the ankles. I guess the head was too close to the placenta, and going through the placenta he couldn't get a good 3D head shot...but he did say I could come in at 26 weeks (the best time for 3D ultrasounds), and he would do one for free for fun. Don't ya love the military! :) We are excited because he showed us some he'd taken at 26-28 weeks of other babies, and they were amazing!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Way of Lights

So our ward has a weekly email update that is so great...and they give us tips on things going on in the area. They had information about the "Way of Lights" at a Shrine close by. We weren't completely sold, but for free...we thought it would be a good FHE...even with the 25 minute drive.

Well, we were AMAZED!!! You stayed in your car for about a 10-minute drive through tunnels and tons of lights! They had scriptures posted along the side of the road as you drove and you basically followed the story of Jesus' birth. You see the shepherds, the 3 wise men on their camels, the city of Bethlehem, and then you can pull over and get out at the nativity, where they had Christmas music playing. I have never seen so many lights in my life! The pictures don't do it justice (especially because I didn't get out my camera until the end). Besides bruising my foot on a prayer bench while trying to take a picture of the was an amazing family home evening. It makes me wish we were going to live here longer so we could do it every year!

Andrew is 30!!!

Can you believe all the fingers you need to make 30! Good thing we have a few kids around!

Andrew turned 30 on Saturday, and I just had to "take a moment and celebrate his age," as the Tim McGraw song puts it. It was fun to have his birthday on a Saturday, so we could have him to ourselves the whole day. The boys were so excited, especially Cooper, who gets so excited about anyone's birthday! As you can see from the pictures, he had to open his presents first thing in the morning...still in pajamas, because Cooper couldn't wait any longer. :)

For his gift we gave him different things (mostly the after-Thanksgiving specials:) ) to go along with the Tim McGraw song, "In my next 30 years". It was fun. The gifts were

"I'm gonna have some fun": PS2 NCAA Football '08
"Laugh a little more": DVD's Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story
"I'm gonna watch my weight": winter workout clothes
"Eat a few more salads": Qdoba Gift Card
"Drink a little lemonade": Squirt Sparkling Lemonade
"Raise a little family": Bowling passes
"Hang out with my wife": chocolates
"Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear": digital picture frame/SD card

Cooper was so cute helping wrap the presents...and trying to keep them secret. The only one that got out was the "cool Christmas movie". We kept one present that was a surprise to Cooper too (a Wii video game), and he was pretty excited.

That afternoon, we went bowling at the alley on base and used some of our passes. The boys LOVE it, and it is so nice because it is less than a mile from our house and smoke free. Andrew won, and Gunner came in 2nd place with a 96 (with bumpers and a ramp...but still!)

For dinner, he picked J.Bucks. It was really yummy.

We love you Honey/Daddy! Can't wait to spend the "next 30 years" making more memories!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas cards welcome!

So, I was just warned about posting addresses on your I had to remove ours. But if you want our address, or you want to give us your address without having to leave it in a me at We did write down the ones who commented previously, but then deleted your comment for your protection too. Thanks! Hope you're all "simply having a wonderful Christmastime!"