Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't get enough of HIS everyday love!

A few more favorites from Beckett's one-year-old photo-shoot. Seriously, could he be any cuter?! I think what makes him so adorable to me, is his insides are as delicious as his outside!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Baby Beckett is ONE!

Yes, the inevitable happened, our little baby... who has been the BEST baby EVER... has officially turned ONE!

Beckett, you have been a dream baby, and so fun to have around. Your brothers are not the most gentle boys, and we are not the most patient parents, but you ARE the most amazing at putting up with all of us.

Even though you are still quite petite, only have 3 teeth, still a speed crawler without interest in walking... you are STILL one, and we just can't believe how fast the time has gone.

We had a fun party for you at the Warrensburg Community Center. We had BBQ type foods (hot dogs, smokies, pickles, chips, licorice, watermelon, and Costco cupcakes). Grandpa and Grandma Larson were in town for the party too! Others there were the Bells, Cochrans, Belardos, Larsens, Mark Bain, Cooks, Browns, and some of Dad's 14-year-olds from church. We had fun swimming after the party, and you were so cute eating your cakes, opening presents, and swimming. This is what your invitation looked like...

A few of your FAVORITES at ONE:
  • WORDS: Da-da, Uh-Oh, peek-a-"Doo", I love "you"!, ma-ma, soft, ball, dog, shhhh, and your own language to get what you want! You also roar like a lion, make the indian sound and vibrate your lips. 
  • SONGS: Indiana Jones theme (you hum along!), If Your Happy and You Know It, Take Me Out To the Ball-game, I Am a Child of God
  • FOODS: pancakes, grapes, sweets, juice, ice cream!, yogurt, raisens, crackers, Lucky Charms, chicken nuggets, bites of whatever we're eating
  • TOYS: Your brother's legos that we're constantly trying to keep away!, blocks, books, pull-phone, shape sorter, play computer, play cell phone, walker, balls, turning the Leapster on and off
  • NON-TOYS: Wii remotes, T.V. Remotes, screen door, power cords, power button on the T.V., dishwasher/dishes, cell phones
  • THINGS TO DO: baths (you start speed crawling down the hall when you hear the bath, or the word bath), swinging at the park, find the smallest things to hide in your mouth... mostly legos, watch your brothers play video-games, un-load the dishwasher as fast as I can load it 
  • DISLIKES: the vacuume, other people in costumes,  
  • blow on your food whether it's hot or cold
  • Wave hi and bye
  • LOVE your left thumb... especially to go to sleep.
  • Mom loves to chant... "Beck-ett, Le-o, don't you know I love you so!"
  • You give the best open mouth kisses and morning cuddles!
  • Love to scrunch up your little nose and give grins and flirt with random people.
  • You have been the best at sleeping. You love your green and blue plush blanket Aunt Brooke made for you, and you just dive for your crib, roll over, suck your thumb, and go to sleep.
  • Territorial of your car-seat.
  • Claps when we say "yay!"