Friday, July 25, 2008

Rend Lake Beach with the Bollingers

We had a blast last Saturday at the beach. We went to Rend Lake, about 1 hr. 20 min. southeast of here. It had a big sandy beach, and the water was a perfect temperature. We spent about 4 hours at the beach, playing in the sand and swimming. Even Beckett loved the water. Gunner is getting really good at swimming with his floaties. It was kind of an overnight thing. He's pretty proud of himself.

The Whole Crew
(Kayla, Andrew, Alex, Melanie, Bronson, Trent, Gunner, Beckett, Andrew, Cooper)

Then we went to a picnic area and had a campfire. We ate tinfoil dinners, which included some fresh squash from Dr. Yaccino's garden. Melanie introduced us so campfire apples. You core and apple and put butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar in the middle, wrap it in foil, and cook it over the fire. They were yummy! And of course we had s'mores. Cooper could have roasted a thousand marshmallows. He was really into it.

We also went fishing. We could see the fish jumping, but didn't catch any. I don't think we had the right tackle.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In love at LONESTAR!

It was "my year" to plan our anniversary date. It seems less stressful to only worry about it every other year, and fun to plan it for the other person. This year we had some friends along (Andy and Lisa Johnson), and brought Beckett too. 

We rode the metro downtown to the "Fair at St. Louis". We ate at an outdoor cafe set up at the war memorial. It was catered by a BBQ restaurant. While we were eating, the news cameramen interviewed Andy. We ate with a view of the stage, where a band opened for....LONESTAR! We had put down a blanket right by the stage before we went to dinner, and it was STILL THERE when we went back for the concert. The concert was a blast. I had Beckett in the Bjorn the whole time, with a blanket wrapped around his ears, and my hands pushing on his ears, so Dad could relax about him going deaf. :) 
Rockin' out with the Johnsons!

My favorite song..."Amazed". So romantic to dance with my Honey to it. 

It was also really neat to have them sing "I'm Already There", and dedicate it to the servicemen.... particularly because I have met so many of them, and so many of their families who are alone while they are deployed. This past year in the Air Force has been an eye-opening experience. We truly are blessed to have the freedoms we enjoy, and they are only because of great sacrifices.
Autograph time!

After the concert they had a firework show (to music) off of an old building across the park. It was one of the best shows I've seen. Very romantic too. :) 
I got him a cowboy hat to wear... but we took it back because I didn't know he felt dumb in them. :) He was AMAZING, and made me a slideshow of his "favorites" from the last 8 years. It was really fun to bring back memories, and realize how lucky I am to have an amazing husband...and 3 cute boys! I woke up to a note telling me to open his computer, and a bouquet of fresh picked daisies in a favorite. (don't worry our neighbors have moved out before he picked them from out of their yard :) ) 

I love you honey! And, don't worry everyone, Beckett can still hear fine. :)

Dentists knockin' them out!

Andrew (front middle-right) has been playing softball for the dental squadron this summer. It is sometimes 2x a week...but it is just a few blocks away on-base, and the boys LOVE going to his games, cheering him on, and flirting with all the girls. :) Cooper has assistants lined up to play catch with him. Beckett is a dream baby, so I enjoy hanging out with Karen. Andrew is the MVP for sure! :) They went UNDEFEATED... until the last regular season game. They did win the first game of the play-offs 21-2! Gunner got his first TWO bee stings at the last game. We'll keep you informed on how things go... Colonel Buhler is even coming out to the games (front right), and is making the playoffs "mandatory formation". 

Here is my friend Karen Broyles. Her husband, Todd (middle right, blue shirt), and Andrew are both residents and "two peas in a pod", as Karen put it. Todd and Karen are having their first baby GIRL, Kloe, this Tuesday, unless she comes sooner! Congrats guys!!!! Cooper and Gunner LOVE Karen and Todd! We are happy we'll get to meet Kloe, but sad that we both have to move a few weeks later. They are headed to Mountain Home, ID. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beckett at 2 months

The other day Cooper said, "Mom, I'm just gonna miss this little guy." 
I said, "Where is he going? Or, where are you going?" 
"I'm not going anywhere, but he's just going to grow big and not be a baby anymore!"
"Don't worry, we'll have another baby."
"No, 5 more!"
"Five more?! Thats a lot of babies."
"Ok, 4... or 5."
"You'll have to talk to your dad about that." :)

Weight: 13 lbs. 3 oz (at 2 months, Cooper was 11 lbs. 13 oz., Gunner 13 lbs. 1 oz.)
  • Love the tub and swimming. 
  • Give big grins, giggles, and some fun coos. Especially to Cooper. Smile mostly to "hello", and when you clap your hands together and say "yeah", or hit your chest like a gorilla.
  • Ticklish under your arms, on your neck and feet. 
  • Gunner loves to share his toys with you, by laying them all over you.
  • Get carried around by Cooper when mom's not looking. 
  • You're super easy going, and hardly ever cry.
  • You grunts, squeal and talk...more than cry. 
  • Will go 3 hours or more between feedings.
  • Are the easiest of the three boys on errands and outings.
  • Love your binkie. YEAH!!!! First of our babies to take one! Keep your fingers crossed that he'll keep doing it! 
  • Hold your thumb between your first two fingers when your hands are in fists. I think it is a cute little trademark. 
  • Like to watch T.V. 
  • Love to have someone in the room with you.
  • Love the bjorn.
  • We still think your eyes may be a shade of blue...but could change. 
  • Have taken overnight trips to Nauvoo and Las Vegas.
  • Have met Nana Gatten, Grandma and Grandpa Larson, Great Aunt Nadene and Uncle Glead Hirschi, Great Aunt Colleen and Uncle Gary Grigg, Aunt Brooke, Aunt Mikin, Aunt Liz, Aunt Brynne, and cousins Asa, Brady and Tanner. Can't wait to see Papa, Great Grandpa Lee and Helen, your 27 first cousins, lots of 2nd cousins and Aunts and Uncles in early August! 
These are all pictures from over the last month...

"Just can't help being SO CUTE!"

Cooper wouldn't keep his eyes open for this picture...but he was making Beckett giggle so much. It is so cute!


The other day "Fredbird", the Cardinals' mascot, came to visit the Air Force Base as part of the library's summer reading program. The boys were SOOOOO excited! It was a lot of fun...he played lots of jokes on the kids, sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", acted out a book while the librarian read it, did "the wave", and took pictures with all the kids. There were probably at least 40 kids there, but Cooper and Gunner followed him all around and were always right behind him. Beckett was in the back of the room in his carseat, and Fredbird picked him up and swung him around and then kissed him. It was cute. Then he kissed him again after the picture of the boys and wouldn't give him back to me. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our *4th of July*

What a fun weekend we had, especially having Dad around for an extra day. On the morning of the 4th, we started talking to the boys about what the 4th means. Cooper went to the closet and grabbed the flag (which we forgot was in there), and said, "We need to hang this on our house!". So glad he remembered!
Then we sang the National Anthem. He knew just about all of it...thanks to so many baseball games. :) We also practiced the Pledge of Allegiance. I really am so grateful for our freedoms. Especially our Freedom to worship what we may...which allows us to have the gospel in our lives. 

Thanks for the t-shirts Grandma!

We went fishing at Scott Lake here on the Air Force Base. They plant fish there...which makes it especially fun for the kiddos. I think Cooper caught 8 fish, and Gunner 4, in about an hour. :) I've heard there are bigger catfish and bass too, but we just went for the little ones. There are tons of turtles too, which is fun, and we ran into a new family in our ward.

Then we made sure we got a long nap, so we could all be happy for the fireworks that night. We went to Mascoutah, a little town about 10 miles away. They had a fun little fair, a live band (which Gunner rocked out to the disco medley with), yummy food, fire trucks, and fun.
Cooper was bummed they made him ride with Dad, but still had fun.

We got a great parking spot too, and had fun watching the fireworks. Gunner was scared at first, but did fine with hands over his ears. At the end he said, "I did it! I like fireworks!".

We forgot a lighter, so Cooper ran up to someone who was smoking and said, "Can I have a light?". He looked at him funny and said, "Where are your dad and mom?". We laughed and said we were were there, and it was ok to give him fire. :) We finished up our fireworks at our house a few days later. Gunner stayed in the house by himself, and Cooper is a pyro. :)

Cooper with his favorite color!

Our Middle Man

I already feel like Gunner is a middle man, now that Beckett is around and requires so much attention, and Cooper demands so much attention. Our little independent Gunner sometimes gets neglected. He doesn't seem to mind, but I wanted to do a post about him, so he knows how much we love him!

Our Gunner at 2 1/2
  • Best friend is his brother Cooper...although they have a hard time doing anything except playing fight, wrestling, boxing. Always until one of them gets hurt. 
  • Loves being a big brother to Beckett and often says, "I need to see that guy." Loves to squeeze his hands and cover him in toys.
  • Loves sports, but actually likes golf and bowling best. Loves baseball and basketball too. Often sleeps with is golf clubs.
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Always finds the dirt...especially at Andrew's softball games. Jumps at any opportunity to go outside. Also enjoys bike rides, fishing, and sometimes swimming. 
  • Favorite toys: light saber, golf clubs, mitt and balls, mini bowling set, Tek Dek Dudes (skateboarders), mitt and ball, mini hero "guys", superman/batman cape, matchbox cars from movie "Cars", pirates, Leapster, Wii (Wii Sports and Guitar Hero are his favorite games), Nintendo DS (golf is his favorite game),  any books he can get you to read to him
  • Favorite foods: mini muffins, pancakes, eggs, corn dogs, cookies, pop, popcorn, chicken nuggets, grapes, string cheese, chocolate milk
  • Loves nursery... always runs in and says, "Hey guys!"
  • Still loves to sleep, and still sleeps in his crib. Sleeps until 8:30-9:30am everyday, and takes a good 2-3 hour nap. Always wakes up happy (unlike his brother). Takes different toys to bed each night.
  • Won't leave the house without a hat on.
  • Loves music and dancing. Loves The Chipmunks.
  • Gunner is so INDEPENDENT. He likes to do everything he can without help. He also will play so well by himself. 
  • He is an ORGANIZER, and is always lining up or stacking up toys, creating little play areas, compartmentalizing, or running his little skateboarders all over the house. 
  • He is also PICKY about what toy, hat, shoes, blanket, etc. he has, and it is never the same things. He throws spontaneous fits, but luckily he excuses himself to his room to cry, and then comes out and says, "I'm all done cryin' mom". It really is amazing how his moods can change so quickly for bad or good.
  • He is OBSERVANT, and will notice things are missing, and spot things from the cranes, animals, trucks, etc.
  • Loves animals. Loves the Zoo and Grant's Farm, notices all animals, and LOVES when owners will let him pet their dogs (unlike Cooper who is self-proclaimed "nervous" around animals).
  • Has peed and pooped on the toilet, but doesn't want to potty train. He throws fits for his "reward" cars, but stops crying for them when you tell him he has to poop on the potty to get them. I guess no reward is worth it yet. I am all about waiting until he's ready.
  • He is such a SWEET boy, and we still love when Gunner will CUDDLE, which is getting less. He always says "Love you Mom", and "Please & Thank You", and "You're the best". He is my "Budda-Bud". 
  • Other favorite things to say:
I did it!
I rock!
Can I go outside?!
No...I do it!
I need my hat! 
I need my mitt!
He definitely holds his own during fights with Cooper and Dad. Here he is "on top"...

Gunner had his first trip to the dentist (Daddy). He only complained a few times, but still let Andrew do what he needed to do. A few days later Andrew said he had to go back to work after lunch, and Gunner said, "I not want to go to the dentist!". 
Andrew said, "you're not going to the dentist bud."
"I don't like dentists."
"You don't like me? I'm a dentist.:
"I like you here Dad" (meaning at home...not at the dental office).