Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Larson GIRL?!?!!!!!!!

Bring on the PINK! We are so incredibly surprised, and excited, to have a little GIRL joining our family. I guess the poll was right! And, all our boys who guessed right too.

Isn't she adorable?! :)
We took Cooper out of school, and let Gunner come to the ultrasound too. It was Thursday, March 4th, and I was 19 weeks 6 days. I could hardly sleep the night before. I get really nervous for everything to be ok health-wise too. Thanks to the Bells for watching Beckett!

Cooper was getting bored with all the measurements and wanted to know NOW if it was a girl! He's been stuck on a girl since he found out we were pregnant... the first thing he said was "Be a girl!" She jumped ahead for him. When she told us she was a girl, I cried. She checked again for us too. Then during the mid-ultrasound bathroom and sticker break, I told Andrew I needed her to double-check. He said, "she already did!". But, when we came in, I made her check again. She said, "You are safe to shop momma! She is showing us everything she needs to." Cooper told her I've already bought girl stuff and I always give it away as presents. :) And then, one more time at the very end of the ultrasound, she quadruple checked. ;)
Cooper loved picking out body parts... and said at one point, "Look, she's showing us her muscles!" I said, she better have muscles to put up with 3 older brothers. Gunner assured us he could beat her up. Great. We told them they need to beat up the boys trying to kiss her instead! Cooper also loved it when she would "wave" to us. :)
When she went to give me the photos at the end, Cooper intercepted them, and flipped through them the whole way to the car. It was too cute.
Because I was wrong in thinking it was a boy, the boys got to choose our lunch destination... Wendys! When Andrew and Beckett arrived, Cooper grabbed a picture and ran over to Beckett saying, "Look Beckett, it's a girl! We're going to have a baby sister!"

The girl at the register said, you have 3 boys?! I said, "yep, but I'm having a girl... pointing to my belly." She made my day by saying I don't look far enough along to know what I'm having. If only those nice comments out-weighed the "wow, you're big" comments. :)

I am still in shock. I keep thinking about all the shopping, and instead of being overly-excited... I'm more overwhelmed at this point! And nervous we'll go broke. :) I kept saying "I can't believe it!" over and over, and finally Cooper said, "Believe it!" I really am so excited - thrilled. I really didn't think it was possible, but we feel so blessed to be having a daughter. Even more excited and relieved to know everything is healthy too!

Here I was at 19 weeks 5 days. I definitely have "popped" out sooner this time!
This pregnancy has been tolerable. A few highlights:
  • LOVE Zofran and Phenegran. Took them everyday until 19-weeks. Now I just have to use them occasionally. The nausea is NO FUN! The worst by far was the night I woke up puking in my sleep, and inhaled it into my lungs. I could not stop coughing!
  • Heartburn pretty much from day 1. Thanks to Zantac for making things tolerable.
  • Have been able to exercise (if I time it right with breakfast and zofran). Still able to run 5-miles, and have been doing more elliptical too.
  • Had a nice break-out of zits!
  • Love Fiber-One bars, peanut butter, fruit, cereal.
  • No real "in-between" stage... just got big fast!
  • Nights were the worst... dinner then I'm done!
  • Feeling a lot better now! More energy too.
  • Have a funny pain in my mid-back/left side. Hope it's a muscle and not a kidney stone they think it may be? Hope to find out more at my apt. Tuesday.
  • Just got over a horrible cold, which lasted a few weeks... it's the worst when you can't take good drugs!
  • Love when my boys give me hugs and kisses, and then say, "I want to hug and kiss the baby too!"
  • Love hearing Gunner suggest names like Cookie, and coo-coo, and booger. He also talks about how she likes pizza crust?
  • Cooper has been really concerned about making sure the baby doesn't die. He prays for that each night. And even asked the ultrasound tech if she's not going to die for sure now. He's also into the whole anatomy of the baby being born. Fun stuff to explain as a mom!