Monday, April 26, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Officially 27 weeks. Pictures taken at 26.5 weeks.

So this time I'd thought I'd include all the pictures we took, since it's impossible to pick one that I look good in! (It doesn't exist! :) ) This way you can get all the angles. :) Even the "getting the shirt straight" picture Andrew made sure to take.
Hard to believe I still have to get bigger, but I'm blaming the 4th pregnancy as the reason for the early growth - right?!?! 12 weeks to go!!! (getting induced a week early because of the move). After looking at the calendar, we realized we have NO free Saturdays before baby comes. Hopefully this makes the time fly by - rather than be overly exhausting.

5/1 - Mom to Women's Conference BYU with Adrienne
5/8 - Visit from Nana and Papa Gatten!
5/15 - Nana and Papa fly home
5/22 - Andrew scout campout
5/29 - Sinema Family (Andrew's sister) in town for a visit!
6/5 - Baby Shower
6/12 - Milwaukee and Minnesota trip with Gpa and Gma Larson (Mall of America, 2 more baseball stadiums, Wisconsin Dells)
6/19 - Garage Sale
6/26 - Gatten Girls trip - Nauvoo!
7/3 - 4th of July festivities
7/8-7/10 - move out of our house - and our 10th anniversary - move into furnished, 3-bedroom temporary housing on-base.
7/16 - INDUCED! Andrew's 10 days of paternity leave begin.
7/24 - Nana comes to help during Andrew's last week of work
7/30 - Start our MOVE!

Didn't even mention all the soccer and baseball games mixed in! I'm so excited for everything the summer has in store for us.

Oh - and forgot to mention our niece, Erynn, coming to visit from 6/17-7/4 to help with the boys and play!


Tiff said... look SUPER Cute in all of those pictures!!! Congrats, sounds like you'll be busy just like we will be! We'll both be exhausted by the time fall comes! Good luck with everything~

Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

Seriously, you are so gorgeous Cassie! You're also incredible keeping so busy -- like Wonder Woman!

Tiff Gatten said...

Ohhhhh, you should never make plans like's bound to go wrong.

Seriously though, good luck you little crazy girl.

The Larsen Life said...

That's so exciting!!!! I love it when my schedule fills up like that! I love being busy busy. Are you registered anywhere?? I wanted to get you something! It's so much fun cause I think you're the only one right now that's pregnant with a girl. She's gotta get spoiled!

Lowd and Proud said...

You look awesome!!! It will fly by and then your sweet baby girl will be walking before you know it! Good luck!

Kimberly Johansen said...

You look very cute in all the pictures! :)

Brynne said...

Every picture is ADORABLE. It's almost digusting. ;) You look amazing! I don't think you look big for 27 weeks, either.

Why is your wedding ring off in the last picture if we're talking details? ;) jk

Brynne said...

p.s. I can't wait until the end of that schedule, when that baby girl is HERE!!

Aly G said...

You look awesome & so stylin in that cute shirt! Enjoy your months before the baby comes! Love seeing the updates!