Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing * Jersey Jane Larson *

Our sweet baby GIRL arrived!

July 17, 2010
12:59 a.m.
7 pounds 14 ounces
19.5 inches

The following morning her 3 "BIG BROTHERS" came to meet her! I loved hearing their footsteps running down the hospital hall. They were all so cute with her. It was a priceless moment as they each kissed her, and rubbed her head, and begged to hold her! They also brought our favorite donuts and a gallon of milk. We shared the extras with the nurses to get on their good side. :)

Beckett (26 mos) was so excited to meet "baby". We didnt' decide her name until the day I was induced, so he is still getting used to calling her "Jersey". He walked around the hospital room pointing and saying, "baby sleep in there", "baby's toes", "baby's eyes", "baby cute". Although Beckett is a little 2-year-old, he all the sudden is really big and grown-up next to his baby sister!
This is the way Beckett touched her the first few times... making sure she was real. :) He has gotten more and more brave (making us more and more protective). :) He loves his baby sister and is always kissing her.

Gunner (4 1/2) just kept saying, "Isn't she just SO cute?!" He randomly says, "I need to give her a hug and a kiss!"

Cooper (6 1/2) has been all about holding her. He would sit on my bed in the hospital room holding her for almost and hour! And still gets his daily fix. He knows how to "shake" her and give her her binky to get her to stop crying (I keep telling him to use the word "bounce" - cause "shake" is NOT a word to use about a baby!) :). He also LOVES it when her eyes are open, and makes sure we all know when she is awake. He calls her an "angel". He also says, "Jersey isn't adorable - she is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER, SUPER adorable."

We made sure to get a bow on her head asap! :) During delivery they joked about me putting a flower bigger than her head on before the rest of her body was delivered. :)

Sweet little feet- and all those hospital bands! She has a couple crooked toes like her big brothers all did. She is ours for sure!

The little onsie and bow we put on her to get her hospital pictures taken. Wish I would have gotten a picture of the ruffles across her bum too. :)

Dad loves his baby girl, and has to fight off his boys for time holding her. They came to visit 3 times the first day in the hospital (morning, before "Dispicable Me" movie, after movie for dinner). They brought me yummy treats, popcorn, soda and a movie, so we could have a "girls night" watching "When in Rome". Then they skipped out of church early, after the sacrament, the next morning to see her again (Cooper's idea). :)

Her first bath in the hospital. Dad went with her just an hour or so after she was born to take pictures. All the nurses said they loved listening to him talk to her in his "sweet voice". They said they love dads like him, and can tell he is a great dad. I had to agree!

Had to get pink on her toes! All the nurses loved it. :)

We loved our visitors! Nothing brightens a hospital day like great friends.

The Bells (Jaime, Clif, Zander, Emberlyn, Shayden)
Brought a cute doll, balloon, and chocolate!

Jayne and Kennedy Crook
Not only are the Crooks our great friends, but he also gave me my epidural right when I wanted it, and all the nurses were sure to tell us how much they love Shaun too!

The Johansens (Kimberly, Craig, Haven & Emmett)
Thanks for the pink polish!

**Birth Story and pictures to come soon!


The Bentley's said...

yeah!!! although... it looks like the birth story got cut off some how??? it has the first sentnece and then stops? anyways, she is SOOOO precious. I can totally see cooper and gunner in her... not so much beckett? A-DOR-A-BLE1!!!! girls are so fun!!!

Kimberly Johansen said...

She is beautiful!!! I love the pictures of the boys with her! You can tell they are proud. It was very cute to hear Andrew talking to Jersey! Hehe! :)

Jeremie.Nikki.Presli + Zoee said...

Cassie, she is such a doll! Kimberly sent me a picture and I've been waiting for you to post pictures! I'm so happy everything went well:) How exciting to add a girl to all the boys. They seem so cute with her!! Congrats you guys!! Wish you didn't have to move Presli would've loved getting to know her.

PS we love the name Jersey. Great choice!

The Crandizzles said...

That little girl is going to have all those boys wrapped around her little finger! She's beautiful!

aliciamae100 said...

OHHH! What a dollie!! I love her! But why in the world are you the only one not in the bed at the hospital??? You look great though, Cassie! I'm glad your boys love their little girl too - that must make things easier. Congrats!!

Jeppsen's said...

She's gorgeous and seems to fit in with the boys!! I love that you painted her toes. Your funny. I'm so glad things went well. We love you and can't wait for more pic.

Briett said...

Congrats to the Team Larson adding it's newest and most adorable member Jersey. I thought all the bows and pink polish were funny, but then again I didn't have three boys before my girl:) Sure love you guys and are excited to have you closer. Have a safe move and travels.

wurstens5 said...

Oh she is so cute. So glad everything went well. Have fun with the girl!

wurstens5 said...

She is so cute. Glad everyhting went well!

TIFF said...

YAY.....She is just perfect!!!! I love the painted toes. I'm so happy for you guys. Congrats!!!

Lolo said...

Congrats! I am so excited that you got your little girl! How fun! And your boys are so adorable...what great big brothers! Hope your move goes smoothly. We might have to stop and visit you on our way to Sandpoint next summer!

Rachel said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! You finally got your little girl:) so are you guys in CDA yet? Where is Andrew working? We'll have to get together sometime!

Laurie Jones said...

So glad you got your little girl. She is so adorable! Congratulations!

Tracey said...

Hey Cassie
Did your blog go private? If so, I'd love an invite!


Ben and Laurie said...

Keep writing! I love the toe nail polish. It is so sweet seeing you guys with a little girl!!

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