Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm A Sucker for Soccer

Lucky for us, in little ol' Warrensburg, some dedicated individuals (like Rich and Jenifer Reed) decided to start the United Soccer Club of Central Missouri... and, more specifically a team our boys could play on. The U-7 "Thunder"! With Coach Rich as the head coach, I was more than happy to help out and be the assistant coach. We practiced twice a week, and then our games on are Saturdays in the Kansas City area.

The Fall season went great, with the kids improving SO MUCH. Cooper had a blast! We actually took 2nd in our division! So, they bumped us up a bracket for this Spring Season. And... Coach Rich got deployed for 6 months (bless him and his family!). SO.... I have now agreed to step in as head coach this Spring. Me, my growing belly, and the very talented 14-year-old Megan Reed will tackle 10 kids (yes, we added 2 to the roster). Wish us luck! Practices started this week, and at 18-weeks pregnant, I can still beat them in sprints... but not for long! ;)

I really love these kids, and love coaching more than I thought I would. Cooper is Mr. Competitive, and it is fun to see him play his little heart out. I actually enjoy playing around with them too!


aliciamae100 said...

Geesh, Cassie! Your soccer team pictures aren't supposed to look like MODELING pictures! You look so great!!! Oh, and cute kids too. ;)

Priebe Family said...

Lots of cute pictures! I love the updates. It is fun to see pictures of the whole extended Gatten Gang together! Looks like tons of fun!

Jeppsen's said...

Girlfriend, you AMAZE me! You look like your in GREAT SHAPE. GOOD FOR YOU. Im sure cooper loves his mom time

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