Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Next Big Thing

According to Daddy, Cooper is the "Next big Thing!" He is our little basketball superstar, and we have had so much fun watching him play this  year. The best part, is he LOVES going. 

Highlights so far this season:
  • Coop scored the first basket of the season, for either team, a few minutes into the first game.
  • Cooper is point guard and gets to dribble up and down the court. Word from the coach's wife is he came home from the first practice so relieved saying, "I've got one who can dribble!"
  • Loves wearing his knee-high socks, just like Daddy.
  • Beckett gets to practice clapping at his games.
  • Gunner loves to shoot baskets during breaks.
  • Grandma and Papa Larson got to come to a game! 
  • You made a 3-pointer (smaller court) last game, and Mom even got it on video!
  • Brought your Bulls jersey to preschool for "share day". 
  • You love to do the team yells and throw your hand in the air.

I think my favorite part of these pictures is Gunner picking his nose. :)


Matt and Adge said...

go coop! that's funny, before i even saw your comment about gunner, i noticed his finger in his nose :). it reminds me of 2 year old i know...

Gunner said...

He must be another Michael Jordan! Go Cooper!

the landreths said...

I was actually about to blow up the picture to see if that's what gunner was actually doing! Ha! We have lots of pictures like that :). What a cute little bball guy Cooper is. How fun that he's so good at it.

Tyler and Mikin Morton said...

That is adorable! Kiah and Noah just started their season and each had a basket in their first games...
Looks like it is in the blood! Cooper looks so stinkin' cute! He will love these pictures when he is on the high school basketball team. miss you and wish we could have come to a game,

The Ericksons said...

I didn't know he was playing ball! That is awesome! Go COOPER! What a cutie. Love Gunner's nose picking as well. :)

Priebe Family said...

I love all the basketball pictures. It is so fun when they are little and just learning the game! However, I still enjoy watching my 15 year old play. It's all good! Cute blog!